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Domus Hermeticus Vision:

Domus Hermeticus serves as a contemporary virtual and physical hub dedicated to Alchemy and the Hermetic Arts & Sciences.

Domus Hermeticus hosts The Alchemy Center of Excellence, which features a school, alchemical resources, and a retreat center situated on the island of Malta in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

We work in collaboration with leading Alchemical Institutes globally to foster synergy and conscious evolution through the Great Work together, uniting like-minded beings.

Certification courses are available for those aspiring to share their Work with the world.

Domus Hermeticus embodies the concept of Unity in Uniqueness, welcoming artists, musicians, authors, scientists, researchers, cooks, and anyone looking to express themselves through Alchemical and Hermetic practices.

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Unus Mundus

Unity in Uniqueness


Domus Hermeticus is affiliated with the International Alchemy Guild.

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