Domus Hermeticus

Alchemy Center of Excellence

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Explore our framed Tree of Life poster at Domus Hermeticus by clicking on the link provided. The artwork measures 120 x 90 cm / 47 x 35 inches when framed, but can be printed in any size to fit your needs. Perfect for large format printing and framing.

The design of the Domus Hermeticus Tree of Life is truly one-of-a-kind! It showcases Alchemistic correspondences between the Worlds, Elements, and Tarot Major & Minor Arcana. Our interpretation is based on the original Kabbalistic attributions and includes John Dee's Hieroglyphic Monad sigil.

If you've purchased this item and want to explore the deep wisdom behind the image, we offer training courses at discounted rates. Let us know if you're interested.

If you'd like to order a large format high-resolution digital version of the Domus Hermeticus Tree of Life, please inform us. Once we receive your interest, we'll provide details on payment options, downloading, printing, framing tips, and any other information you may need.

To show your interest in the Domus Hermeticus Tree of Life, simply click below. This will take you to our Contact page where you can find our email address.

Yes, I am interested in a digital hi-res large format version of the Tree of Life at 32.00 EUR. No payment at this stage.

You won't find it anywhere else!
Alchemy Center of Excellence. Mercurial Business School.
Tree of Life preview. High resolution version upon request.
Tree of Life at the Domus Hermeticus Gallery.